Sunday, August 31, 2008

"How many Pastors does it take"

asked a lady in the narthex, "to put a nightgown on a baby?" Answer "Two wonderful pastors and two moms to help." Today was the day of Ingrid's baptism. Wonderful day in Ingrid's and our lives. There is nothing that makes me happier than a baptism. What can I say? The day speaks for itself. Happy parents, Godparents and pastor baptizing. She cried through most which was probably my fault for feeding the poor thing beforehand and perhaps not burping her enough and she was quieted during the most appropriate times as well. I don't think she managed to pee on anyone before her diaper was snuck on in the pew afterwards.

As for the gown, it was my grandfather's nearly 100 years ago or perhaps it is 100 years now. From my understanding he was a big baby or at least that was the joke among his colleagues as he was 6 ft 4 in as a man and I remember a silly newspaper that was on his wall kidding him that he was born 3 ft tall etc. So perhaps putting a gown made for a certainly larger, older baby on a 7 pound something baby might drown the wee one in the gown alone as well as being 'drowned' in baptism. Breathe Ingrid, breathe! She is fine. She is most certainly baptized though.

The benefit of having Godparents who have 9 children plus one on the way is not feeling the obligation to have a party at the home of this not quite a week post partum mommy. Shocking that we did not party this afternoon but had a few quiet hours with my parents and will spend some time with the Godparents later in the evening. Perhaps I will have a gathering a month from now. Rest is key to this mommy feeling better and even standing through seven verses of the processional hymn was questionable at first but I got my bearings and made it through. I am always frustrated at this point to be able to do more but as history replays itself it does take a week or so to get over this point and it is very nice to have the family allow me to spend time with Ingrid and enjoy her before life speeds up.

I rejoice in a beautiful day and God's mercy in bringing her to this day.

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