Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Thankful for help

I am very grateful for the help in meals that have come our way. Having a baby in August has been great in many ways but the garden does not disappear nor getting ready for school so the relief of not having to cook dinner as much has been a huge help. I need to write out some thank you notes and my kids have notes to write as well so perhaps we can have writing afternoon or something soon. Patience my friends.

Ingrid got a cute suit today. Very cute M! Thank you. I can't believe she will ever be that big as she is quite the peanut now. The way she loves to eat I guess should help me to believe she will grow. Anna and I got her a few cute little suits for now as it seems she and her sister didn't wear anything at this size. We have plenty for this short time so NO LITTLE GIFTS please. There are plenty of cute suits/dresses for the future. It is true that girl clothes are much more fun to shop for. The boys are not any less cute for being boys though, just no ruffles or little bows on their stuff.

We froze 47 five cup bags of corn the last few days. The kids do all of this which is nice and tomorrow they are excited to start squishing tomatoes. We probably need to work on more whole tomatoes as well......and salsa........Matthew is very good at making salsa and Anna is the whole tomato woman and the little kids squish the tomatoes for sauce as that is fun for them.

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The Celebrated Author said...

You are very welcome! I've been told that babies grow too quickly to wear most of their NB/0-3 clothes, and I figured you had a few already. Anyway, this was the smallest they had the entire suit.