Thursday, September 18, 2008

Doing the next thing

It is hard to decide what IS the next thing. I am pretty much tied to Miss Ingrid, between changing her diapers, cleaning up urp, and constant eating (Ingrid). We sort of feel like no one can ever leave the house to go do anything fun as there is too much to do here but.....we let them do it anyway. Matthew was gone one evening and I guess I hadn't realized how much I depended on his willingness and ability to help make dinner. We were floundering quite a bit last night.

Anna will be gone tomorrow, although I tend not to depend on her as I need to adjust to the next year before it happens. Charley will be gone some of tomorrow so we will struggle to get a load of laundry done and put away, vacuum floors, clean the kitchen and maybe make a meal for the next perona (the fish, can't spell.....) time. If we were to eat like kings we would be cooking and cleaning all the time. That is not possible with school going full force and effectively so perhaps that is how we stay thin. No time for frivolity in eating. Everyone loves my rolls but I can't seem to get to them right now.

Part of the reason I can't make rolls is the mere finding of the ingredients. We never do anything the easy way so if I run out of wheat berries that are accessible, I need to find someone available to go hunt for a bucket or 50 pound bag of berries. I find this sort of tedious when I have to chose what to do next so I might chose not to make rolls.

If Ingrid is sleeping I make a mad dash to the washing machine, or the kitchen or the mop to clean up something. The kids cannot possibly keep up with work around here and do homework. If the place is cluttered than this is the reason. Ten people in one house (yes, Ingrid counts in this department) make an incredible amount of work. I think everyone is a plopper in this house. "I am reading this book so I guess I will plop it here" or "gosh dinner was good, I guess I will plop my dishes on the counter and not check the dishwasher to see if it is available for customers". So.......I am hoping to make chore charts for both the Co-op crowd and for my crowd over the weekend. Sigh.

It would also help if we got up earlier in the day. I NEED to sleep so I do and then they do too as mom is not up......why not sleep? Ugh.

I am not really venting but describing reality around here. Perhaps if the parents loved organization more than we would have that model family, which lives down the road from us, and my kids would be buzzing around the house smiling and cleaning without being told. Ah how sweet.

Ingrid is sleeping.......

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