Saturday, September 27, 2008


Today is dig potatoes day. I really should go take a picture of the swarms of kids searching for potatoes after Erik finishes digging them. They are like vultures waiting for the meal. The potatoes are nice and big and there appears to be a lot of them. I hope both families love potatoes. We personally love oven fries - chopped with funky Pampered Chef blade that makes the fries look curvy and it is easy to chop with - covered with oil and cumin, chili powder, and garlic. Yum, yum. The kids and husband gobble these up. Of course there are always mashed potatoes.

Our children love to survey what is for dinner and figure out how much of dinner we raised or grew ourselves. There is something satisfying in not depending on the super market. My garden pal and I are figuring out what we need to grow more of and what we shouldn't bother with. Overall we got A LOT of produce and we are not quite done yet either. There are still peppers to preserve, sweet potatoes to dig and we just planted lettuce and spinach. We shall see if that works out. We need to make a sort of green house out of that area. The hubby has collected many a window from other people's cast offs so it shouldn't be much of a problem.

Ingrid has woken up - four and a half weeks of sleeping and she seems to have longer alert times. That is of course fun to see her STARING at me and I do think she smiles and is not just having digestive issues. It is a cute little grin. She is not extremely happy this morning so hopefully there is not crankiness to accompany the wakefulness. We are very experienced with crankiness though so I won't be something new.

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Debbie Theiss said...

Hi! I have been thinking of you. Hope all is well. How do you fix those fries? Sounds good!