Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rats, she got it

I was hoping little Ingrid would not get this cold that is running around our house but she started in the middle of the night with a runny nose. A two week old does not have much to run in the nose department. I am praying it does not turn into croup. Cecilia had that when she was an infant and it was 24 hour intense work times 10 to help her. Of course I would cheerfully help her but I also remember that little miserable face feeling miserable. Sigh.

I am feeling somewhat better. I can always tell if it is a cold that needs a very good nights sleep which cannot be guaranteed with a newborn but overall I got a lot of sleep and things seem better.

School went well yesterday and I am slowly getting things more organized. I need a new print cartridge to get the stuff I need off of the computer. Literary Analysis will definitely be my favorite subject to teach this year. I am getting the opportunity to reread books and read books that are new to me. I think everyone who read "My Antonia" was surprised at how much there is to discuss. That was a great read despite the Barnes and Noble version's need to have an introduction speculating on the author's orientation. I am tired of every artist, author, musician being put through such speculating. The book was a great book without reading into it motives that perhaps were not there. We did not discuss these questions.......

Today is math day and spelling for one kid. We also need to yank some more tomatoes out of the garden. Sleep should be put in the schedule as well.

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