Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Her cuteness

Ingrid is developing lovely habits of napping. She has been napping for several hours actually and then I of course am tempted to conquer and divide on the home front and chase dirt and grime. I have managed to stick to the laundry and the disgusting floors and kitchen counter tops so far. Now my body is screaming for a nap and she will most likely be waking up soon. Perhaps she will nap like Anna used to years ago. We barely knew she was around as a baby so maybe it would be nice if Ingrid was awake long enough to enjoy.

The soggy yard seems to be drying up a little. To the north of us in Michigan I read that a dam is breaking so that is not so cheerful news. I believe we got eight inches of rain on Saturday alone. I am not sure what the whole total was. So much for the drought. It rained a lot last spring too with a dry month or two this summer.

The kids are having piano lessons with Anna at the moment and I am pleased that she is dealing with them patiently. It is sort of comical to listen to. We shall see how they progress but Anna certainly has a knack for explaining things. I will have to issue her pay check soon to reinforce this behavior. Maybe I should pay her with shoes...........I think she might like that. But of course she could take the money and shop around herself.

It is otherwise a study day for the kids. They all seem to be working hard and sorting their work load out for the most part. I need to get some planning done myself. On that note.....

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