Friday, September 26, 2008

I need to walk

My doc is always reminding me of my need to exercise not for the sake of physical fitness but for my mental well being. Exercise certainly does help me cope with the screamy meanies much better than just trying hard not to get aggravated. Sweet little Ingrid does not see it this way but I must find a regular outlet for crazy me soon. Perhaps we can fit in some lawn mowing this morning before we head off for math etc.

I had a nice meeting with the other co-op mom's. As usual I feel my view is a little odd but we will work with one another to reach a happy medium. It is interesting to see how each mom's experience in growing up effects their view of homeschooling. Basically I do not want or need stress mania going on with my family as we create enough stress just by existing. It is the 'something has to give' sort of feeling and there is not much left 'to give' to make life easier problem. How can mom keep her sanity with all the obligations that go with 8 kids. I am sure that is where the 'if momma isn't happy aint nobody happy' phrase comes from. No wonder moms love the tv monster which creates basic quiet in kids when the noise machine needs to be turned off. Me, I just push them out the back door and make them go play outside. Maybe I close the windows so I don't hear the noise so much. Such a loving mom I am. I suppose it is more loving to put them outside then to go nuts with them inside with cranky mom.

I am not so cranky today but better get everyone on the same page so we don't panic when it is time to leave........

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