Saturday, September 06, 2008


Of course life has been interesting since Ingrid was born. It is the height of canning season and the veges haunt us from their baskets as we try to get something done with them. I am happy with what has been done and I am trying to keep the process moving. I am the conductor from a chair and I also try not to burden any particular child more than another with this lovely task. Two neighbors have given us pears and apples. They will most likely become pear sauce and apple sauce. There is no more room in the freezers for corn which is pretty amazing considering I think there are FIVE freezers around here. One has three hogs in it and the another is FULL of chicken and corn. It is a good thing we have a generator just in case........

The tomatoes are all turning so my garden partner and I have never ending kitchen activity going on right now. I would like more salsa but my salsa maker, Matthew, is at a Scout weekend. He is the best, most compliant helper in the kitchen, even if he doesn't always pay attention to EVERY instruction. Hopefully he holds onto to cheerfully receiving instruction and doing it when he becomes a married person. As long as he can read while waiting for the canner to do it's thing, he is happy.

Recovering from Ingrid has been interesting as well. I think I just forget the process. Things seem to be steadily getting better though and I continue to try to behave. That has been pretty easy with the older kids assistance. Even Benjamin has been helpful with the making of sauce. He loves to turn the crank.

I need to go disturb Ingrid so she is awake a little today. Sleepy baby........

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