Monday, September 22, 2008

church wrestling

So I have decided I need a hiatus from Monday evening church. Wrestling with one year olds, 5 year olds who know better and then there is the newborn, spells.....stay home. I wanted to go on Monday evenings to hear my daughter play as this is her last year home but I suppose I need to just give it up. I want to go because I love to go as well. Staying home is not easily done with those two things in mind but I don't see what other options there are. I am pretty much exhausted and ready for everyone to go to bed anyway on Monday nights. I do appreciate my two oldest getting rides to and from church so they can still go so at least I do not need to drag out for that. Maybe we can try again after a few months. This reminds me of Advent services and so I sit and wonder if I will even be able to go then. Hmmmmm......that is a few months from now so perhaps we can make some progress then or have Matthew skip Scouts for a few weeks so Charley can help. I won't think about that right now.


OFHP said...

You know that there are people that will help with sitting with a 5 year old and a 1 1/2 year old so you could sit with the baby and listen !!!!!!!!!!!! All you have to do is ask or better yet we should see the need and ask you to let us help ---- May we help you next Monday with this ????????????


Karin said...

The five year old is easily helped opinionated one year old is up for debate. We can chat on Wednesday, when Charley is there, and then see what we think from there. Sometimes the 'Karin is tired' factor is a big factor as well. You are sweet to offer. Talk with you Wednesday.