Saturday, September 13, 2008

Apples, Pears and tomatoes

Corn season is officially over. Sniff. It was a glorious month of corn eating and I will look forward to next year's crop. There is corn in the freezer but it is just not quite the same. It will have to do.

Tomatoes are very successful and everywhere in the garden. The three oldest boys went out and picked in the rain as it was a sauce day and we had no clue if it would ever stop. There is about 20 more quarts of sauce waiting to be canned now. Thank you Martin and Cecilia for being cranks with the Vitorio thingy in the kitchen. Thank you also that there was not too much cranking going on. and not getting used. We tried pear sauce and it was way too watery so will now see if someone can make a little pear jam. Otherwise people need to come get some pears or bug me to remind me to bring some to church. Co-op members feel free to take them!

The boys biked to the apple orchard when it wasn't raining for a bushel of apples. They took the Burley and gleefully brought home the first batch of the season. Yum, yum. They will probably make this a weekend journey and apple sauce time will begin soon. A bushel a week will give us plenty of sauce for the oatmeal/sauce eaters.

Ingrid is happy I have been sick as she has just been living with me and not being passed off on too many people so mom can cook etc. I did manage to clean a bathroom better than usual as it does see many visitors during the week. I will be hunting paper product sales in the future.......
I have enjoyed my time with Ingrid and she is starting to put on a little more weight as can be seen in changing features. She is basically a fish and doesn't know when to quit. When you nurse you will........ and .....The phrase "I am a baby, I nurse, that's what I do" kept running through my head today.

I do need to figure out how to get Stefan to stop using bottles as he is stubbornly addicted. I got him some whamocazamo cups which he has rejected. I am open to tips on this issue as it is a new one for me. He is hanging on to his baby life as long as he can.

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