Monday, February 09, 2009

After a very nice yesterday

Between church, an interesting Bonhoeffer discussion, and a lovely evening out and at our home with friends, yesterday was a breath of fresh air. I need all the fresh air I can get..... Other highlights from yesterday were getting the taxes basically done (federal) (thanks dh)(they owe us), getting the house cleaner than it was for Bonhoeffer discussion people so now I don't need to mess with that so much today, the baby slept for three hours on her own (woo hoo!). and the sun shone but I did not manage a walk.....

Mondays are NOT my favorite day. At least the mornings can be tiresome so I am hoping things go smoothly today. I should try to squeeze in a walk this morning too to help me not fall apart literally. This kid raising thing/vocation thing amongst other things does whittle away at me and my weak little countenance struggles at times so I know I need to get cracking here and move on to the next thing. being a bear of little brain, I am trying to figure out how to be more clear explaining my little brain thoughts......I am JUST not good at that. I used to be and now I think I suffer from fear factor of not being understood......there you have it.

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