Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Warmer and brighter spirits

Despite a lot of extraneous stressors lurking around, the past few days have been good for me. It is so nice to not be cold, not be shoving wood in the wood stove, not listening to the fans of the woodstove, and just enjoying the sunshine peaking through between the rain. I enjoyed a walk yesterday evening with Cindy and I did not even mind a little mud to slip in. I am sure it is too optimistic to think that this weather will last. I understand the gas futures crowd is counting on some more severe cold weather mid-February. How cheery.

Warmer weather inspires me to tackle the work that is not done around here. I become more efficient (I am sure that makes my dh happy) with plans and cleaning etc., and it seems like I get more done. Weird. In the summer I actually look forward to some time inside and cooler weather. I must just be fickle. This is certainly not a deep thoughtful post and frankly there has not been too much excitement around and hope that there will not be any excitement to report in the very near future. That is all for today!

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