Thursday, February 19, 2009

Support a mom and wife need.

I would post the link to a post by Concordian Sisters but I suppose a reader could look for it. It is hard to maneuver with infant in arms. I don't really remember the title but it was just a few days ago about a wife and mother's need for support and what happens when it doesn't happen. Well I suppose I could elaborate that if I had advice to give to any husband or extended family member, it would be that a woman does need to hear that she is doing something right. This is especially true after a LONG day with kids who might have been less than charming or exercised their sin muscle a bit too much. Days can be long and what I see moms blog about are things like how amazed they are that they got only a little bit done that day or having blog titles like "the laundry is never done". I don't believe these are bon bon eating, slothful soap watchers but rather moms who REALLY take their vocations seriously and faithfully serve their families. Life for a mom is very task oriented and let me tell you, a compliment or message of appreciation can certainly brighten their day. It might even make the difference if given on a regular basis, of keeping the mom from coming unglued. I heard a mom express recently that she wondered if people thought she were incompetent after a certain patronizing comment was made to her and my heart wrenched. Moms are very sensitive to anything that may hint of being an evaluation of their ability to mom. Sometimes we misunderstand of course a person's intent but really being a mom is open season for random comments. First time moms have the BIGGEST target and I wince at well meaning people who say weird things to new moms. I think I am now more practiced at laughing at such things as some people think Ingrid is my first. These condescending comments are really quite hilarious as I might slip out a comment about how my sixth or seventh child was really far happier to do thus and such...... members, please do not forget to thank the mom/wife for all she does. Our only performance review comes in the form of either complaint or thankfulness. A mom could certainly be tempted to feel like a failure otherwise......failure is not a good feeling.....

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