Wednesday, February 04, 2009

We will try her birthday out again tomorrow

I think Cecilia was sick on her birthday last year. I will have to check out last year's blog writings to confirm that. At any rate, she is nice and sick this year and I would say not too whiny about all the coughing and temperature. We did not even attempt to give her birthday gift to her as the day was also very busy with co-op stuff and church. She slumped around the house and did manage to blow out some candles on some cupcakes we made for her to share with the rest of the kids in co-op.

I spent my little time available with her giving her cough syrup and Tylenol. I always like to reflect a little on when each child was born on their bdays. At least that is what comes to mind when I stare at them in their pj's and I am tucking them in. She has been a cutie pie all along and is growing up quite a bit especially the last few years. Sigh.

So if she is feeling a little better tomorrow I will whip her up a cake and hope to spend some time with her. I do need to go glasses shopping for Martin.....again. We will be in search of dork glasses that will be indestructible. He has broken or lost parts of his glasses three times in the last month..... I guess the first year of glasses was like that for my older son as well. His blew off his face into the grass while biking. Martin's was your basic cartoon, stepped on a rake and hit his face and the lens went flying......somewhere......sort of loss.

Happy Birthday Cecilia!

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TruthQuestioner said...

Best Wishes to Cecilia! Happy Birthday and get well soon.