Friday, February 20, 2009

Teaching another child to read

I have begun this journey again. So far so good. We are also doing some math but just the very basics. I detect that this sweet little child is not going to take to reading as easily as some so I will have to keep working on that patience thing. I did have to laugh at the description of the product I chose to teach him with. It said something about how patience is needed in teaching children to read. Yes. Definitely. I am letting Stefan eavesdrop so perhaps his journey won't be as painful.

Two of my children did learn by eavesdropping which was a wonderful treat. Actually one of them heard LaRena explain the rules for about a week and she was up and running. The other did literally eaves drop and began to correct the three years older child during his lesson. Sigh.

I always see teaching a child to read as both a challenge but a relief when they figure it out. Everything is so much easier when they can read and they become more self entertaining. People have commented that my kids seem pretty content to play on their own and I am not sure why that is but being able to read is an added plus to peace in a household.

It was a good school day overall. I actually have energy left and a sleeping baby to boot so should scoot off to declutter something before she wakes up.

Oh, last but certainly not least....we are looking forward to said child's (Benjamin) first communion this Sunday. Yay! I am excited for him and he too is excited and brings it up at random times during the day. I need to go hunt his suit.

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TruthQuestioner said...

Congrats to Benjamin!