Friday, February 06, 2009

Good news is always nice

Anna was accepted to the Jacob's School of Music. I am very pleased for her. We have been quietly waiting and it is certainly nice to learn this in a timely fashion so we know how to proceed. I am excited for her and then of course there is the mom thing of trying not to panic as life keeps spinning along. The year is rushing forward and I will have to join the 'kids flying the nest' club. Rats. But on the other hand it is right for life to keep plugging along and I can say with all honesty that there is much to look forward to so will try not to get too bogged down with feeling blue.

Seven more to go and I know I am not done with the Annabanana either. My brain sure can use a break at times of processing the next thing necessary on all of their roads toward flying the nest. Can you say homework???? Mom keeping up after the homework doers???? Mom TRYING to keep patience with the homework doers.

Better run back upstairs and see what is going on......

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