Sunday, February 22, 2009

What a day.

It has certainly been a long and full day. The morning began very early with our geriatric dog wanting to go out and chase some animals. I gave up getting back to sleep shortly after that (5:30am) and drug myself out a little after 6:00. The kids needed to get up early anyway to be at choir practice. We were a few minutes late but not too bad.

The service was great as usual. Sang my funeral hymn, Sing with all the Saints in Glory, (I think that is the title but am not running down the stairs to confirm that), made it through the service with Ingrid keeping me plenty busy. Little Benjamin received his first communion this morning so that was a moment of excitement for both of us. He was all decked out in this suit which I discovered had quite a bit of donut on it from the last time he wore it. The choir descant went very well at the end of the service and dd Anna looked pleased. I did sniff a little knowing that my favorite setting to the liturgy will be on hiatus for awhile. Sniff.....sniff.....

After church and Bible class we headed off to Matthew's Court of Honor. I think it literally WAS his Court of Honor. He seemed to just shine all through it and obviously everyone there loves and appreciates him. He is now patrol leader of the Ferrets (what a name....) and his old patrol put on a skit entitled "Ten reasons we will miss Matt". Hilarious. They also had a skit where Matthew is sawing away at a log and someone asks the rest of the members why they weren't doing anything and they replied "Because Matt does everything for us in our patrol." Woot! He really should try out acting in some plays. He has confidence that I did not know he had, and a great sense of humor and enthusiasm. Several of his fellow Scouts were watching my reactions and seemed anxious to witness the look of pleasure on my face. I love this troop. The boys were all enthusiastic and seemed genuinely proud of their work and advancements. The leaders are great as well and very supportive of the boys.

Martin is sort of the Scouts mascot at the moment until the end of May when he will be old enough to join the troop officially. In the meantime he hangs out and boys treat very decently for being considerably younger than they are. I am sure he will love being a Scout there.

This evening, after dropping Anna Nana off to help at a friend's house, I came home to play some games with Martin, Cecilia and Benjamin, dinner, catechesis, and reading some to the kids and now I should be in bed. Ingrid fought sleep but perhaps will be in bed for a little while. Erik loves to say to me in the most pathetic voice "Po little Ingid, all alone up in her bed.....all alone.....Po Ingid...." Sweet child my eldest son. Knows how to rip my heart out. Some of you might be familiar with his dry sense of humor.

I am lamenting missing my good friend but should be able to see her more easily in a few days. Ingrid will get to meet her BFF too! Yippee!!!!

Now I must really hit the hay......zzzzzzzz.....

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