Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas cards

Below is a facebook post by Mr. Scott Schreiber which I thought was rather good. I have to add that I am quite understanding to those who don't manage to get one in the mail to me every year. My favorite Christmas card from anyone ever was from my high school friend Jeanne who when I read her letter that year, which I did not notice was the year before's letter, and poured over how much she was longing have another baby and had a tear come to my eye at her longing. Then I took out her family picture of her husband and little guy marked from the year before and then noticed another picture behind it. I flipped it out and it was a picture of her little man holding his new little brother dated the current year. I screamed with delight. So anyway, if you get a card from the Horners know that it is not always without challenge and I send hugs to those who might miss a year or two......or three.......or five. I understand and am just happy to hear from you when I do.

A note from Scott Schreiber.

Confession: I listen to a "Christian" radio station in the mornings. Discussion: This morning they wanted to talk about the "year-in-review" letters that some folks include in their Christmas cards.

I was quite dismayed to hear some people call in and describe their distaste for these letters. They discribed them as bragging and immodest and making other people "feel bad" because the letter writer has always had such a perfect year.

Friends, when I see a Christmas card in my mail, the only thing I have is gratitude that the person thought of me and my family enough to send us greetings during this busy season. If they include a letter, even a "form letter" annual update, I am glad to receive it. When I read of the joys and accomplishments in their lives, I rejoice with them and thank God for His blessings on them.

I can not read their letter and take from it insult or offense, for these are not included in the letter. If I say the letter makes me feel bad, I have obviously taken out of it something that the writer had not included. Therefore I have sinned against my neighbor and the 8th commandment (You shall not bear false witness) because I have not put the (obvious and ) best construction on the letter and the reason for it....

I don't usually include a letter in my Christmas cards, but I still hope that none of my friends are as callous and self-centered to have this angry reaction to such greetings.

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