Sunday, December 27, 2009

Post Christmas exhaustion

After much preparing, eating and everything else that goes with being the mom of this bunch, I am SLOWLY moving today. Church was great this morning and it was of course nice to have our Pastor back on his feet. Everyone seemed to have a sense of calm or perhaps they too were exhausted. I was creeping around slowly between chatting with people. Since I fake being awake, I wonder how many other people do the same.

After feeding a friend's lonely cats and picking up some milk and filling the car tank.........I am home. There is the fallout from Grammy and Grandpa and Uncle Steve and Aunt Brenda still everywhere. The dishes are almost caught up on and I have not done much laundry in weeks. Hopefully the laundry does not give itself away. I keep trying to chill out on the couch but jump up to do this or that and my body is screaming at me not to eat any more out of the ordinary stuff and to try and kick up my heels and rest. The kids are outside sledding and snow boarding. I picked up a few snow boards at a garage sale last year for five bucks and I think it was a worthwhile investment as I would never have bought them new and the kids love them.

Since I am not listening to my body, I might seriously go hunt my husband down and tell him to put me in line. (Translated - don't expect anything too spectacular out of me today in the line of cooking and cleaning and heads up..............I need to make myself chill). To further explain.......we are expecting a new little Horner in July and I have a very hard time sitting down and behaving myself when my body tells me to. If you got bored with this post before this paragraph you will not have caught that..........

My tummy screams tea and also twinges of aches from the instantaneous big tummy look that comes with baby number nine. Had a few of those this morning while walking from one table to another in Bible class and had the cross eyed look of "Ouch, that hurt, hope I can get to a chair soon" I'm not sure why that happens but suppose it is the older mom thing. With all the colds going around, I thought it might be humorous to name the baby phlegm in honor of all the nose blowing. It sounds a little like Sven so we could say it is a Scandivanian version of..........uh..........John or something. LaRena suggested if there were twins to name them phlegm and phlam. Har har. Maybe I can sneak a nap.


Susan said...

Well, Phlegm was what Ginny called Fleur there for a while.

Did I tell you congratulations already back when somebody else spilled the beans?

Karin said...

I don't think anyone has publicly spilled the beans about me, but thank you!