Thursday, December 17, 2009

Picking up Anna and more

I left yesterday to pick up Anna. I didn't get there til 6:00pm as my biking addiction got the better of me and I didn't get out on the road till one and not on the road till 2:15. It was worth it. My route is about ten and three quarter miles. It was the coldest it has been so far at 25 degrees but it didn't even bug me.

Anna and I went to Panera for dinner and then took the car over to University Lutheran to park it. We had a brisk walk back to her dorm and then..........big excitement here...........I pretty much was wiped out and went to bed a little before nine! What a wimp. I slept till eight! I think I needed to catch up on some sleep or dorm rooms have a sleepy effect on me or something. Anna was up studying and whatever else.

In the morning she went to take her final which only took her a half an hour and then we went and got some coffee and a donut on our way to pick the car back up. Isn't this exciting stuff. OK........enough of our trip. We listened to Harry Potter on the way home and now we are back.

My new laptop arrived an hour after I left for Bloomington. Erik bought himself a new laptop and Matthew has a new desktop which he purchased and it will come in on Friday. We are VERY behind the times in this department and my kids have not been involved socially online with anyone. Well, at least the boys haven't. I hope they can use their new toys wisely and benefit from getting to know some other people more or feel included in all that.

Another exciting post in the life of the Horners..............

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Anan said...

Only half an hour. How impressive.