Sunday, December 20, 2009

Need more keys

There is NEVER a dull moment around this house. This morning Charley left early for church to take care of the sidewalks etc. at church. I was moving pretty slowly and wondered if the rest of us would even make it on time. Leaving my bed was definitely a challenge and facing the kids, breakfast, and whether we had clothes to wear was not something I even wanted to think about. So when we were left with just enough time to get there I went out to the van without my coat to load the little kids and Matthew came following behind me. I turned around after buckling them in and Matthew proudly announced he had locked the house up. What????? My coat, purse, keys, phone and diaper bag were in the house still. Oops. I was a little freaked out as it was cold, I had no way to call anyone to let them know we were stuck and the kids program was later in the morning to boot. I was visualizing getting very cold and having to walk with all the little kids to a neighbors which is not very close to us. Well, fortunately Matthew remembered there was an emergency van key under the van so he got down on the ground and got the key and we were able to drive to church. We kissed and made up and everything worked out fine. The greeters at the door asked if they should take up a collection to get me a coat - har, har. We need to make some copies of the house key to give to a few more people and perhaps plant one somewhere in the outbuildings. The children's program was great and the kids really enjoyed preparing it and putting it on for the congregation. It is so much nicer when the kids are enjoying what they are doing and really want to do a nice job which they did. Yay! Hopefully they can do that again sometime. It was a great experience.

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