Thursday, December 31, 2009

Got the cold

I end the year with a cold that has decided to become laryngitis. Rats. It is most amusing to me that Anna keeps trying to point out to people that I can't talk but everyone seems to have more and more questions to ask me. I can't answer. Or at least I can't answer loud enough to be heard so they keep asking and looking at me expectantly. Hmmmmm.......

We have had a nice Christmas with quite a few guests etc. I would have loved to have a few more but it hasn't worked out. Our friends Marty and Marcy were over today and as she is the mother of an organist we had fun talking about the trials of being an organists mother. Har har. Such a burden. Marcy have that odd understanding of each other that just clicks. We don't see each other very often but it is always nice to get back together again. It was just nice. Charley had fun chatting with Marty about................wood.

I was hoping to have some other friends over tomorrow afternoon and evening but we shall see if they want to expose themselves to this cold. It will probably work as it seems to be the 'sleep it off' type of cold. Laryngitis is a pain though.

The kids have been playing games together and that sure beats the tv going. I get sort of tired of movies being the 'interaction' around here. They got quite a few fresh, unruined games this year and I hope they will keep them intact. I like playing games myself. I got myself one of my favorite games, Five Crowns. I love that game.

Sigh. Charley is taking the kids to church tonight. Well, at least the older kids. I can not believe how much church I have missed as I look forward to this time of year but our little kids just seem not able to handle night time services so we are tag teaming lately. I guess it does give me more one-on-one time with the younger kids so that can't be bad.

A New Year tomorrow. I don't tend to make any more resolutions except the yearly attempt to plan meals so I don't waste resources. Charley loves this sort of resolve. Otherwise, back to work with school and Charley to work. Happy New Year!


organistsandra said...

Our family game, when I was growing up, was Bid Euchre. On Christmas Day I got to play Bid Euchre with my mom and my two sisters. What a blast. When's the last time that happened? Like before we all started having children??!!

And - nobody could play that game like dad, so it brought out lots of reminiscing about dad and his amazing card playing skills - "You know Dad would've bid 7 with a hand like that"..."You know Dad would know if both lefts had been played", and so on. ahhh.

Karin said...

We played A LOT of Euchre. Loved it. My mom is the card shark. We also, mom the card shark. Those were the days.

Karin said...
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