Thursday, January 07, 2010

New Year

It is a New Year and we are slowly plodding along. Anna is home til Sunday afternoon and I am trying to enjoy the time that is left. We have had something going every day so hopefully tomorrow and Saturday we can get out and do some of the things which were on our goal list. We are going to lunch with her piano teacher from last year to chat about piano at IU. I'm sure we will have some good laughs over that.

If I have a resolution and I don't really care for that terminology but............I am trying to get the kids schedules made up for the the weeks to come so they know what is coming down the pike. Homeschooled kids are gifted and talented at avoiding their work so trying not to lose my mind keeping after them. My life is always easier with a plan. I'm sure that is true for everyone.

Read an article in our not so amazing newspaper that was just a little motivator for me to get my meals planned again. I spent, I am sure, more money than I had to over Christmas for lack of planning meals. Little trips to the grocery are money suckers for sure. Planning, planning.......stress relief...............

Exciting times here in the Horner house............

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