Friday, January 08, 2010


Every time we get back on track with school, it is hard. I would like to think it is hard for those who are going to public institutions as well. I can feel like it is me against the world. It is easier of course the more time I have to devote to planning and helping each child get organized. I give instruction for how things are to be done and then they 'forget' or do not follow through in hopes that I don't really mean what I say. Of course everything that is difficult for people or most likely everything, is directly related to laziness. Same rant. They make me nutty because I do not have enough or do not make enough time to work with them in getting on board with 'the program'. Same with me. If I know I will feel better with exercise, I should exercise. But.......but........I don't like the stationary bike in the basement. Excuses, excuses.

I spend more and more time wondering how I will survive the rest of my homeschooling career. Sigh. We will make it somehow but I certainly can not criticize those who have thrown in the towel. It IS hard work and frankly sort of a pain. Kids do not come by a desire to learn extremely naturally and direction and teaching is required. I've been at this for at least 14 years and some days I don't feel like it. I can feel worn down and sick of it. I really have no option though as we can not afford private school or even the pain of leaving the house to drive them to school. Public school is NOT an option here. I would rather they play all day then do that. When we bought this house that was part of the price. Oh, that sounds so judgemental doesn't it? You can take it that way but this school system is pretty challenged to say the least.

Leaving to run errands is really not an option but unfortunately I have to this afternoon and tomorrow is another day. Yikes.........just realized I have one more grammar book to grade before we leave. Onward...............


Susan said...

When we were looking for houses here, Pastor and our realtor both mentioned that we're in the district for the high school we do not want to send our kids to. At the time I figured that we would probably remain homeschooling. And we certainly weren't prepared to start evaluating school districts (something we are completely unfamiliar with), so we just looked for location without regard to school district. But I realize that that means I have no option now.

Who knows. Maybe that's a good thing???

Kim said...

This is why I decided to take another week off before picking up school again. I know I'll be sorry but I just couldn't face the idea of getting back to school at the beginning of the week. I've only been at this for 9 years but I'm so burned out. I'm sending hugs your way :)