Monday, January 18, 2010


OK, band was fun. I needed that. Perhaps that is my vacation for the week although it doesn't involve talking to very many people. There were at least eight horns and I am happily playing the third horn part. I love the fact that everyone knows how to play and it is easy to play with them. I don't feel like I am fighting against them which as happened in my life before. We are playing great brass music which will be loads of fun to put together. The first time through sounded pretty good to me.

So...........I'm a little less cranky. I think I need more dad support in accountability with these kiddos. It is way too easy for them to just get relaxed and take advantage of the mom. I wish I could figure out some system that would actually work and it would click with them that this is serious business. to squeeze in a little practice time so I am able to keep up the playing in the weeks to come.

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