Monday, January 18, 2010

Thanks Glenda

I liked your post on "Most people vacation in places like Florida" theme. Yes. We rarely go on vacation mainly because we can't afford to stay anywhere or go out to eat anywhere. We went to Pennsylvania and stayed three nights. One night at a friends and two at a hotel and fortunately had friends to eat with there for most of the meals and the breakfast was actually provided with the room this time. Three days. Woo hoo! We did go camping in August in pretty primitive circumstances. Most people stay in hotels and eat out. Most people can find homes of friends to stay at. We are sort of overwhelming. Most people go out to eat a lot more than we do. Do I care? I guess not. I can see where that is nice though more than once in awhile.

We were contemplating visiting some friends in May if they will have us (we haven't brought it up to them yet) but then we have the animal factor to deal with. Who will take care of the little chicks which will still be in the young fragile state. Sigh. I want Charley to come with us if possible. Otherwise he would have to stay home and take care of the animules and I would go on my own. I SO do not want that but wanted to take a trip with Anna with to see various people and have some fun. When is this even possible.

I was looking forward to the Wisdom and Eloquence (or whatever they are calling it this year) conference at Redeemer in August but will have a new born and finding a place to stay will be a trick. Hopefully Charley can take the older kids and go and enjoy as I think the topic would be of special interest to him. I was also hoping to go to CCA in June. Perhaps we can trade places and both get to go to something we would like to go to.

Most people.............well perhaps that is just an illusion but sometimes it does feel that way. We can't change any of that for ourselves. It just is. Hopefully my kids will get the chance to meet other people as they get older and fly the coop. Facebook seems to help them in that regard but is not quite the same as getting together with people in person.

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Glenda said...

So I'm finally getting around to taking time to sit and read and catch up on blogs (I should be in there reading to and teaching the youngest to read...sigh). Congrats on the newest one that will greet the family this summer! I'm excited for you!