Monday, January 18, 2010

Shouldn't be so negative

I think I can just be a negative poor me person. Other moms with all these kids seem content to be home and not pine away for fun. I am just not so good at that. Sorry. Everything seems like such a battle around here to make any progress. I am not a fan of women's retreats for several reasons so that is not something to look forward to and even the few times I have gone to any such thing, I have little kids to chase after and that prevents me from really enjoying the time anyway so..............I stay home. I was going to go for one day last fall to a Looper retreat but............the kids started throwing up. Fun times. Everything suffers when I try to go and do anything like this anyway so I really shouldn't want to. The house right now is so far behind thanks to Boy Scout retreats and me not having time to not feel great. I am sure I shouldn't have gone biking the other day but it was fun while it lasted. I am tired now. Hmmmm.............this is the same post. There is no answer. I do still think it would be nice if services were earlier so my little kids were not such maniacs and would actually learn to see this as part of their lives. Or.............morning prayer early????? 7:30 early.............. thinking out loud. Not up to me though. I should probably just plan on doing something fun this week so I have something to look forward to. I should probably go take a nap. Then if I could get a nap I might be able tackle the rest of the week. I should definitely not read facebook this week as I will see the fun times. Same post.

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