Monday, January 18, 2010

How to not feel overwhelmed........

Mondays can be the pits around here. Everyone is very tired for some reason and I am trying meet a balance between the huge list of things that scream for my attention and my need to rest and get over this cough. I am not really sure what this cough is anymore as nothing seems to help but lots of sleep did seem to make a difference last night. My kids are dragging their feet on everything even though I give them lists of things that are their responsibility and then the little kids can just be unhappy.

My most negative thinking which I just need to get over and be content about is hearing about how people are going to events where they will be refreshed and hear wonderful talks and get to go out with friends etc. Adult interaction is just fun and I am sure it is refreshing to those who are able to go. I sit here and stew at times over how that just seems basically impossible for me. I can not even seem to get to evening services and a simple Bible study and there isn't even any of that going on this week. Hopefully I can just take advantage of resting. I should just be able to push ignore to what other people have the opportunity to do and be happy to chase laundry, dishes, stomachs, my cough, dirty floors, etc and not care what other people are getting to do. The ironic thing to me is that the moms who juggle all this need refreshment probably the most and it is very hard to get.

I suppose that is why I love to bike as I can get away from the noise and clutter and basic chaos even for a little while and regroup etc. I so need alone time and it is funny that I have eight plus one on the way kids. I know I am just basically rotten to the core in being jealous of other people's fun and refreshing times and should not even imagine that will be true for me someday. I hope to go to band practice tonight but the cough might prevent that from happening too. I do think it is better today though.

That is the end of my stinkin thinkin for the day. Sorry

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