Monday, January 11, 2010

Little girls

My heart broke yesterday as my little Cecilia came inside announcing her rabbit died. I feel horrible for her. I know it is somewhat 'her' fault as she didn't go out as she should have but little kids do need some help remembering such things. She did love that rabbit but is easily distracted and I didn't help her at all yesterday to remember. It was especially cold outside and I saw Matthew go take care of his rabbits and I suppose put it all out of my mind. Sigh. I could have given her some speach about not being responsible etc but instead she just hugged me and cried and sadly stated she hated her life and wished she could have remembered and made it all right. I am not sure what to do about whether to get her a new rabbit or not. If we do we will have to wait till spring. I think we have to get water warmers. I do think the project is good for them but definitely has it's challenges. Anna, Matthew and Martin have all lost rabbits for the same reason. Erik comically has a rabbit that by normal standards, should not be still living. We think it is at least eight years old. He named it ........."Angel". I guess it lives up to its name. Anyway.......Cecilia's rabbit was supposed to be her 4H project. I suppose she learned something so far............sigh. I hate it when bad things happen to my kids but that is part of life.

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MiniTiny said...

I love rabbit. And I always cried whenever one of my rabbits died.
For kids, I think better you let them learn about the responsibility and the effect.