Monday, December 28, 2009


I must say my brain is befuddled on many levels. True I am publically saying this and perhaps should keep my confusion to myself and perhaps will not even state what I am confused about but I do find it interesting that just when you think you have seen or thought about most aspects of life, things come up that leave you in a state of confusion. I hate it when I feel this way and then try to proceed with the day without letting confusion muddle me too much. It is not worth talking to too many people about my confusion but I am certain someday I will have to. Sigh. How does one keep confusion to themselves. I think guys are better at this skill and perhaps many women are. I think I stink at this.

On the practical side I need to get something done today and I definitely need to set up the bike trainer and get on it. My countenance would at least be slightly improved by getting some pent up energy out of my system. I'm sorting some of the dreaded socks and sock sorting is enough to increase anyone's confusion. Was there a sock like that in that pile? Then there is Mt. Laundry and perhaps I should wrap the presents to the kids which we haven't exchanged yet. Pretty lame eh? They exchanged gifts with each other so far but the onslaught of gifts from grandparents and other friends makes me hesitate adding. We will do it. Erik is at Camp Grandma so we will at least have to wait till Wednesday.

On other fronts I want to finish working on helping my dear husband with janitorial issues at church so we can keep up better with the filth that lots of church loving people can create with little effort. Twice a year deep cleaning does not cut the mustard in light of nose blowing, cheerio dropping, paper doodling, bulletin leavings, dinner crumb spread that a broom does not always pick up, etc. Phew......point given and taken. I watched Stefan yesterday wipe his nose and then wipe his hand on the pew............just one example of sharing the wealth.

Well............better go tackle some things..............and turn my confused brain off. Machine Karin. You are a machine. Don't forget it.

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