Sunday, December 06, 2009


The last few days have been basically good. It is nice to have Charley's parents here. The kids get more attention. It is pretty mellow around here. I've been personally less than perky but am working on that. Tonight I think I might race the kids to bed. Yawn. I have thought on and off about quitting blogging. Maybe I will, maybe I won't.

I'm counting the days till Anna is home. It will be fun to go and get her next week. I can't decide if I am taking Ingrid with or not. Maybe I will just for the mere entertainment of it. I can just see it now. Anna and I walking her around the dorm halls. Perhaps if she starts screaming we will walk to the outside of particular screaming people's doors just for kicks and giggles.

Sigh. Much of my day was obsessed with chasing after something. far........yuck. Better three than none. Will report further numbers later........if I keep blogging.

That's all for now.


Susan said...

I would miss you if you quit blogging. But I certainly understand the need to cut back and focus on the hands-on tasks right there in your own house with your own kids! Those things are the priority. (And that's why I don't do facebook and loopers as much as I'd like to indulge myself with.)

Karin said...

Oh Susan. It is not time as clearly I haven't been blogging too much at all lately. I'm just suffering a lack of confidence in making myself clear or anyone really giving a hoot what I think without it turning into something it's not. Just when I think I understand all goes out the window.

Susan said...

Oh, yeah, I see what you mean. I guess what you say will so often resonate with me and my feelings and my communication troubles. So you are VERY clearly communicating with me. But I SO know what you mean about trying to say things, and having people misunderstand, and then having to try to smooth it over or try to explain that you're not upset with somebody ... and finally deciding it's easier to hide and just keep your mouth shut all the time. Thing is, that doesn't work for me so well. But I keep thinking life would be easier if I just never talked to anybody. But then, think of the good stuff I'd miss. But then, think of the bad stuff I'd avoid...!

Karin said...

Slowly building up the old confidence Susan. I do appreciate what you have to say here and it does me good to be understood. I always understand you (I think - can't document that) so please feel free to recomment on my reposted post. I will try not to take comments personally...... :o) I may even dare to post my reposting my post post that is not published. If offends someone they are taking it not in the spirit it was intended. Sigh. I think I will also save your last comment and put it on my bathroom mirror to encourage myself to proceed. I do have some, insignificant as they may be, observations to be made that at least this bear of little brain thinks are important and worth addressing. Sigh again. Thank you Susan. You are an encouragement to me.