Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

It has been a good Christmas this year but not without things that have been new and different. The services have all been wonderful but minus our Pastor who succumbed to the stomach bug. Major bummer for him and his family. Assistant Pastor to the rescue. There a lot of people sick this year and I can say we all gave Christmas greetings sort of from the distance. It was good to see everyone and of course these bummers, as we were reminded of do not change the fact that Jesus was born.

My dad, my brother and his wife all are sick as well, so instead of them coming today, they are all at home convalescing and we hope to get together soon. Sigh. The kids are rolling with the punches and of the remaining well people at church, a few families may stop by to play games and eat later on. Paranoia runs rampant but as I always say, if we can avoid spreading the wealth then avoid spreading the wealth. Sigh. Praying all are well soon and those who are not sick, do not become so. By this time next year, we will have to be reminding each other of "remember when everyone was sick last year?". I think I will begin praying for a healthy Easter for my family, my church family and become more vigilant on teaching my kids sanitary habits.

Jesus is born. We rejoice in that and look forward to the services of all twelve days of Christmas and Epiphany to come. Things were just a little different this year...........

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