Saturday, April 26, 2008

Book Sale etc.

So the sale was basically successful. It is money the church didn't have before all from a bunch of paper backs, novels etc. from .25 on up. Not too shabby. It didn't take a lot of effort despite feeling like road kill on Friday afternoon. There was wonderful help in the youth (as usual), Mostly Harmless who saved the day with a talent for orginization no doubt genetically handed down from his father, and of course the committee did more than their share of helping throughout the day. I did not feel stressed and there is something to show for a few hours of efforts. We may do it again later in the year and be more specific about what to donate and not to donate. The church is back in order and ready for Bible class and of course donuts and coffee in the morning. Phew. I thought the clean-up would kill us but an expert on church sales suggested we condense the books to sell at half price to the congregation tomorrow. Ah experience is wonderful.

Charley manned the Stefanopolis and will no doubt sleep well tonight (Charley). Much screaming and crying a lot of the morning (not Charley, although my phone rang a few times with questions). Perhaps Stefan was mad at his mommy for being gone. could be the hives he has had for a week as a result of a reaction from anti-biotics from a staph infection are bugging him. He is basically a big hive, red bumps all over. He doesn't usually seem bothered by it but I do think it does bother him at times. He nearly has a full mouth of teeth so that could be part of his discomfort too.

My conclusion from the whole experience is that my family should be thanking the Lord I don't have an outside job. I would be thinking about what needed to be done for the sale and some poor little child would expect me put them as the center of my attention. Can you imagine? If I had a job than I am sure I would find this 'unreasonable' expectation of my kiddos all the more annoying. I think I will stick to the homefront and NO I have no desire to go back to 'work' when the kids are grown. I pray I won't have to.

Oh, I got my new glasses and I can see clearly now! I think I needed to go to the eye doctor before now. Seeing the little blades of grass clearly reminded me of fifth grade when I was 'found out' and humbled into wearing the dreaded huge glasses. Pretty much can't see anything or find anything without them. Yes, I like these glasses better and may wear them more but I will prefer contacts I am sure till I can't wear them anymore.

Let's is cold again but everything is green. The trees are flowering and we had our first thunder storm last night. It took down part of one of the cherry trees which was in full bloom. I love those trees and so that is sort of a disappointment. All the trees around here are well over 100 years old so I am getting used to losing them.

Better quit this now and go do something housewifey.......

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