Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Mom's perspective

IU is not red after our visit....... It is in fact in full bloom and swarming with students, very large and populated. I am pleased that the school offers both of the programs that Anna is interested in and our talks with both departments went well. I did not sign us up for a campus tour as I could tell that it was basically large, had a lot of stuff available for students, fed the students something, and that your exercise would include a regimin of going to class and back. That seemed pretty self-explanatory. I suppose it would have been nice to see a dorm but we have friends who could fill us in on that.

The music department is competitive, which was no surprise, and will have new organ professors by the time Anna would be there (if she chooses to go there) and there are only a few under-graduate students in that program and all that tried out last year were accepted. So.....she would have to prepare for the audition anyway and also we would need the department to let us know if it is even possible for her to do both programs, fashion design and music. The fashion design schedule is like a nursing program in that you have to do take classes at certain times and certain semesters or it will not work at all. There is only one class offering per class level. So we will have write the music department to see if they can figure that out. They seemed willing in the office and the people we talked to all seemed to have some connection to the organ department despite the fact that the organ department is small in comparison to other instruments.

The fashion department lady was very helpful and their program is very similar to Stephen's minus the year of learning sewing techniques. THey assume you know that already. Anna seemed pleased with what they told us although she wasn't feeling the best. She faked it pretty well. The fashion and music buildings are right next to each other and both fields that she is considering have small departments so they seemed like small schools in huge University.

More later.......

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Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

Sounds like a sensible visit. Thanks for your comments from "the Mom's" perspective ;-)

As far as campus tours go, my Bean and I determined that the bottom line is (consisently) this: "It's a beautiful campus with lots of resources." True, indeed. It IS a beautiful campus, and it does have LOTS of resources.

Glad you got to go and have a good visit, and that you returned to your home and family in safety.