Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hard to blog

Life has been either too busy or the fact that someone (someone small I think) smashed the space bar on the keyboard of our desktop so......typing is a pain. I suppose when I am at friends homes with high speed I can blog then until I replace the keyboard.

What is new......we priced books for the Used Book Sale at Emmaus yesterday and there were upwards of 1500 books not including those from other congregations. We may have to have book sale part two depending on how that goes. There are all sorts of books for all sorts of people. Plenty of people came to help price and we got the job done in a little under two hours until.....someone showed up with a van load of books! He helped price them today with more help from others which was good.

At home we planted eighty pounds of potatoes on Friday, cleaned up the asparagus patch and rounded up a load of brush. We also planted peas and some spinach and lettuce. We shall see. I discovered my dog sneaking potatoes out of the ground today though so he will have to kept reined in. Our help in the sharing of this garden adventure was fantastic and everyone had fun despite a little sun burn. Erik is the roto tiller man of the family now and it is fantastic to have his wonderful help.

It has been incredibly beautiful outside with the daffodils springing up everywhere and the wild flowers EVERYWHERE. The Dutchman's breeches are gorgeous and there is trillium coming up all over too. Sigh. Spring has sprung at last. I even noticed the grass was growing so the lawn mower should be up and running soon. Watch out neighbors, crazy woman in action. Hope they don't notice I am expecting. They tend to worry. I will behave myself.

I managed to iron a few shirts for Charley. Phew. He won't have to be clothing challenged for a few days anyway.

Oh. I did give some thought to that shocking old fashioned saying of 'children should be seen and not heard' at the dinner table. Well.......when every child is talking over everyone else at a given meal then that old saying seems to me to have a practical meaning. Perhaps these people of old times had large families as well and the need to have quiet for the ease of digestion was not such a bad idea. Ok, some table talk rules would be a happy medium but there are times when ALL my children seem to have the need to have the platform. So there are my thoughts on that old saying.

Besides getting things set up for the booksale, watching spring happen is the most that is new with us.


Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

Perhaps you need to change the "view from my window" picture, as it still looks a bit wintery.

It's trying to be spring over here in Siberia, too, but is having a little more difficult time of it. Thankfully, the snow is melting as the temperatures are rising . . . but then again, it was in the 70s a week ago, before plummeting below freezing again after that.

organistsandra said...

It's SO pleasant to have spring weather here. I don't envy that slushy, melting Siberian snow. I noted that Louisville, KY was 2-3 weeks ahead of us in what's blooming, and although the flowers were glorious, I'm very content with our weather right now. Just finished the first lawn mowing. What fun!