Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tired - sleep greedy

I took a walk on Sunday with Cindy and clearly I am a wimp. A friend would say, "No, you are pregnant", but I have never been SOOO tired with the rest of the kids. The walk was very nice and I felt fine but the last two days I can't seem to get enough sleep and also started getting those 'practice' contraction thingies. Dh is the one who pointed out that I have not made a habit of exercising lately so walking 3 or 4 miles might make me tired. I was thinking I couldn't possibly handle mowing the lawn but I think I will try to be self disciplined and just mow one small section a day as opposed to my regular maniac approach in summers past. I LOVE mowing the lawn. We have a 54 inch deck landscaping mower and it has always been my post pregnancy weight loss system. This wouldn't be post-pregnancy however so if anyone catches me misbehaving you are welcome to put me in time out. I think I am too paranoid to misbehave though.

I got a huge water bottle the other day to work on my wimpy ability of drinking water. Why is drinking out of a straw so much more appealing? That doesn't make sense to me. It is more appealing to my children as well. They want mine.

The Scouts are having a meeting tonight about the future of the troop. That doesn't sound too encouraging. I was going to go and talk to them about a few things anyway so I may not even have to bring those things up. The troop WAS very active and strong a few years ago. Some key players have left so that has been a problem. They don't always appreciate Charley as help as he might require that they clean up the mess they leave in our van or he may prevent them from destroying things. Can you believe the harshness he exhibits? What? He doesn't want his driveway chiseled out by some random Scout who thought it was fun to chisel out some asphalt and make a hole? What an ogre. Charley and I both have these weird expectations. Hmmmm........I guess we are married.

It is cold and rainy but still blooming and pretty. I DO need to mow the lawn but doubt I will find the time today. Perhaps I will get a chance tomorrow......behaving of course. The back perennial garden needs cleaned out as well. Anna is VERY good at that but she doesn't have a lot of time right now. We will figure it out......

This is turning into blah, blah, blah so I will close. Stefan is zonked on my shoulder and I have some more math that needs graded.

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