Monday, April 07, 2008

It's been awhile

It has been over a week since I have visited bloggerdom. Life has been a little on the busy side but in general it has been a good busy. This week will probably fly by. Last week was full of appointments and school and the usual at church. I did manage a walk with a friend and a brief trip to do a little shopping with Anna. Saturday I gave probably my last "New Home Schooler" seminar and "Starting High School" seminar. They both went great from what I could tell and they weren't stressful to prepare for. I can never turn my brain off after these sessions though which is sort of odd. Then it is hard for me to sleep. That took all of Saturday and we visited with friends most of Sunday so.......there was no weekend for the usual laundry, wash the floors thing.

Friday I am going to Chicago with my parents to a Winslow Homer exhibit and I am looking forward to that. I always enjoy such excursions and with a new baby on the way I better do that now.

Oh yes, I forgot. My great aunt Marion died last week. She is the 97 year old who I visited last summer on the way to Higher Things. I used to write her a lot as a young person but life dictated that I didn't write as much while raising the brood here. She had five kids and I always used to marvel at that when I was a kid. She and her sisters, one of them my grandmother, humored my love of getting mail a lot back then. I modeled my handwriting after my great aunt Hazel who was truly a GREAT aunt. My brother has the same memories of visiting Marion and Leonard's farm and the crazy bull they had in the barn yard. We would play games with it across the fence. Marion's husband Leonard marveled at how much canning we did. He died a few years ago. I will always marvel at Marion's agility to the end. My dad is now almost as old as Marion was at dad's mother's funeral. Huh. How weird. I am sure it is odd to him to have this end to this era in his life as well.

Charley has been gone a lot lately but I can't complain as he hasn't traveled much in awhile. Anna remembers how once he called and said he had to leave for an emergency trip to Florida and I took him some luggage and the joke was......he asked for me to run to the bookstore at the airport while checked in and get him something to read on the plane and I bought a book by Kevin Leman which I thought was his book on birth order. was a book by Kevin Leman about how to choose your mate based on birth order. He called me later to ask me if I was trying to tell him something. Ha! He knew it was an accident. It still was funny though. We gave the book to our neice later. He returned perhaps three weeks later from what Anna can remember......That was a long one.

That's all for now!

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