Friday, May 30, 2008

21 years

So it is time for another anniversary. I can't say I have much deep to say but we are going to postpone celebrating till life calms down a little bit. We may get some carry out Dairy Queen. Who knows. I mistakenly told someone it was 22 years today but we will crack that up to a LONG year. That does not necessarily mean a long year with Charley but in life in general. I can't believe how much has gone on this past year. Our 22nd year will be equally busy but I can definitely do without some of the details of year 21.

Today I am still working on trying to get summer clothes and winter clothes in order and put away. The kiddos have grown a lot this year and making heads or tails of it all is definitely a chore. My wardrobe is enough to make anyone crazy. Is is winter and I am pregnant, winter and not pregnant but not skinny yet, summer with same options or either option summer or winter and actually skinny. Ugh. Someday I might end up with a simple combination but that is not say I am looking forward to that either.

It is supposed to rain and I am hoping it does. I have a little cooking to do. Tomorrow is Martin's birthday as well as DoRena and Sam's wedding. I am sure he can get some cake. I would love to leave the house in order and ready for Sunday but we shall see if I can maintain the steam. Perhaps it is time for a chocolate bar.......

The boys all got hair cuts and look a lot nicer. I hope to get to my hubby's head later this evening. Everyone says Stefan needs a hair cut but frankly I like his curly head. Who wants to chop off baby curls anyway????


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Anita said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Enjoy your DQ or whatever you decide on:)

and I don't blame you, I say keep the baby curls, he is still a good bit o'baby after all;)