Sunday, May 04, 2008


I finally got to mow the lawn for a little while, of course behaving myself. It was tempting to keep mowing and mowing. It is such an escape for me and I do most of my reflective thinking while doing this sort of thing. When do I do that in the winter???? I did spare the blue flower thingies that I can't remember their names but the bees like them and also there is quite a bit of hyacinths still blooming out there. I think I also love to mow as I visit literally half of the ten acres almost every week. I would like to develop paths for the woods and make that an equally pleasant experience. I wouldn't mow the woods though. Our neighbors rake the leaves out of the woods in the fall but won't say anything more about that activity. We just pray for a good wind to blow the leaves into the woods. Works like a charm.

I have perennials to plant from an excursion to my favorite nursery. It was 36 degrees out last night so they spent the night inside. I am a much happier person left to my own devices outside. Sigh. Don't know what to do with myself sometimes. I think I must be hard to live with.

Menards is the source of real lilies as my brother helped me to discover. Lots of choices and great prices. Those will go in the garden as well. I must make myself order some new bulbs this fall for next spring. They are SOO much cheaper that way.

Off to mow a patch.

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