Saturday, May 31, 2008

Class act

So the wedding was great and yes, a class act. The bride's planning and forethought were wonderful and smooth and the bride's mom also did an awesome job of all the things she was involved with. My dear husband commented on the way home that he would classify it in the top five of his favorite weddings he has attended (we've been to quite few). The babies were especially cooperative - Gerhardt, Stefan, Frederick and Saranita caught their two hour afternoon naps just at the right time! Thanks kids! Or....was that the brides careful planning which I wouldn't be surprised, in which case.....thanks! Great planning! The reception went quite smoothly as well and fun was had by all as far as I could tell.

Today was Martin's 10th bday as well so he can say that over 200 people came to the party. He just doesn't have to mention it wasn't his party. He had a grand time though. He did mention yesterday that things are always very busy on or around his birthday. Sorry hon, but we are not sorry we have you.

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