Sunday, May 04, 2008

I forgot

Earlier this week Benjamin's pet turkey Guv'ment died. Such a sad day.....Benjamin wanted to go and see him after he was discovered and then when I stopped him he asked if we were going to keep him. Oh bother. He certainly had a long life. I am not sure if we have a picture of him or not. I think we do. I will have to look for it. Benjamin has survived the trauma and hasn't inquired after Guv'ment's welfare again. Can you tell we just watched "Sense and Sensibility"?

Anna and I went and bought a toaster this evening. This was an exciting excursion to be sure. There were a couple of choices and they now have new features. Bagel vs bread vs frozen....and cancel! The slots are wider so we don't have smash our bagels in but they still all have plastic buttons. My children will still be able to pound on the button and potentially break it. The old toaster had this problem and other problems of course. It wouldn't stop cooking and we being the observant family that we are would forget we even put a piece of toast in to begin with. There is an overall trust among our family members that the toaster will do what it is supposed to do and pop the toast out. It wasn't working like that. "What's that smell?" I would ask and discover another charred piece of toast smoking up the kitchen. Anna took action and threw it away yesterday. Horners can't live without toast though so bought it's replacement after her piano/organ lesson this evening.

Being in a totally obnoxious mood I scandalously bought a Fox in Sox stuffed animal this evening. I think it will have to live on our bed and be mine. No one can borrow it for long. I love that book. I wonder what Charley will think of it. I am sure he will be charmed.

Better be responsible and get to bed. Fox will go with me of course.

Nighty nighty!


Nat said...

So, it's... it's anarchy now, right?

Anan said...

LOL something like that... We're back to the good ol' fashioned pecking order now.