Friday, May 02, 2008

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

So I never wrote about my evening out with the girls. The movie was great if not a little depressing but great just the same. I would strongly recommend it to anyone and especially to the crowd who believes there are no Scientists who question evolution or who pay any heed to intelligent design. Guess what? There are! I knew this already of course but the documentary was very well done and I cannot see how anyone could leave without seeing how Scientists are hemmed in by the evolution crowd. There ARE actually many scientists who have written extensively on the flaws of the evolution theory (theory not fact) who some think are just crazy, stupid brain washed people. Who is brain washed???? What are they afraid of???? I am not going to ramble on and on about this but will try to post some of the scientists interviewed and some of their books sometime in the near future. If you have opportunity to see the movie I do not feel you will regret it. It is very well done and even if you are an evolution camp person I can not see how you wouldn't get something out of it.

MY most refreshing conversations about this subject were with my cousin Cecilia from Sweden who is a Physics scholar. She was MOST respectful and curious to learn about what scientists have found to disprove evolution and support Intelligent Design. It was refreshing because she was not an angry person defending her views but participated actively in conversation, listening carefully and respectfully to what we had to say. I think Americans are sort of challenged to hold these sorts of discussions. She was fine with listening to new perspectives and ultimately I learned something about conversations from her. Wish she lived closer. She is actually the young woman in the picture of the bonfire in the May Day post. A person from Poland in the film actually stated that America has a problem with exploring Intelligent Design as they are so tied up with political correctness that it restricts conversation and Science from doing this. He claims this is not so in Poland. Interesting.

So......let me know what you think!


Dave Grossman said...

Please see for the truth about this movie.

Karin said...

So I assume you went to the see the movie yourself? Of course I don't know who you are and it figures someone posted something like this. This movie was not some new revelation to me of how people who believe in Intelligent Design are regarded as poor stupid people. Read Demski. The site you refer to simply reinforces the fear of evolutionists that there are Scientists who do not agree and see the flaws (major) in their theory. The film absolutely does not support a anti-science (propaganda????? oh brother) view at all. Have a nice day.