Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Wrapping up the school year

This week we are wrapping up the main part of the school year as far as co-oping goes. We still will meet a few times a week for the older kids to work on math and I have some tutoring to do with a few of my kids at home. But.......I am looking forward to getting onto 'the list'. No, not the list that my children talk about some of the time but my to do list. Baby ? is around four months from appearance and there are MANY things that need attention around the homestead. I am sure we will not be able to cross off everything from the list but we can try. Charley has two things on his list and my list takes up several pages. I plan to everything I can to help him accomplish his list. Phew. Time for a nap! Oh, I already caught one this morning before lunch.

Anna's list is to finish preparing for the SAT in June. I think that is doable but this too is on my list. I will most likely drop her off at the library for peace, quiet and escape from the screamie meanies at home. I will NOT be tempted then to put her to work. She is incredibly capable of accomplishing the remarkable. Ok, ok, I will let you study.

Charley just told me he will be taking a trip to Europe in June so we will have a week to maybe help him with his list if he gets far enough along to leave the boys with tasks towards this end.

Oh yes. This blog post would not be complete with a plea to everyone not to nag or tease Charley about his tasks. He knows what he is doing and we will get there so.......don't ask. You will figure it out.


OFHP said...

But what if I really want to bug Charley ??? :-)

Karin said...

Well YOU could probably get away with it. Let me know how that goes. ;o)