Wednesday, May 02, 2007

60 plus pounds of potatoes

I just got back from getting another 50 pounds of seed potatoes. Hopefully that will be enough to fill the plot! Last year we missed out on buying Kennebecs, my favorite variety so I am excited to have pleanty this year. I love a home grown potato. (Boy I can see why Dan Quayle couldn't remember how to spell potato. I stare at that word and am still not sure).

Yesterday was my good friend Cindy's bday. We took a great walk in the country and saw all sorts of spring flowers. I am sure she found it odd when we walked down the road next to our house and saw part of one of our ducks laying there. YYYUUUUKKKKKK!!!!!!! Those Horners are so weird. It turns out my dh tossed it there after finding it in the field. Toss farther Charley!!!!!! YYYUUUUKKKKK! Anyway, it was a nice walk despite weird things happening.

Rick and LaRena came over after that - party animals. It was May day so a nice fire in the back yard and good friends did seem appropriate. I am sort of amused by fears of ticks.....although that is not a totally unfounded fear. The bats (butterflies) flitting around were interesting too. Hopefully there are a lot more opportunities in the warmer months to either hide from ticks in the city or broaden certain people's horizons in the country. Smirk.

Today is way too busy so I better shut up and go retrieve my art students. Time flies fast when you are buying potatoes.

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