Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Anna played her first service!

I have kept pretty quiet with dd about her playing for church as I didn't want to make her nervous. I personally feel she did great! For her first time I would say it was remarkable in my totally biased opinion. An older gentleman of the congregation asked who was playing the organ. He doesn't know us that well and didn't realize she was our daughter. Charley was proudly informing him she was HIS daughter. Pretty cute.

Stefan looks much better lately and I am actually having to remember to bathe him. I do not have the constant feeling that he looks like a lizard and MUST be bathed as many times as I can get to it. He seems a little happier. I think he was really 'talking' to me during his last bath. He said a little sound repeatedly that sounded like 'hi'. How cute. THis would be the earliest I can remember something like that happening. Matthew distinctly said MaMa at 9mo which was sweet.

We are making angel food cake and having fresh strawberries to celebrate Anna's first service. I hear the mixing bowl going downstairs.

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