Monday, May 28, 2007

A Fiery Pentacost

My family was out of town over the weekend and I stayed home with Stefanopolis. I'm glad I did as he was the ultimate eczema case over the weekend. Anyway.....friends of the Stuckwisch's needed a place to stay Saturday and Sunday night. Nick was very excited to stay and be the farm hand and help with the chores so he and his buddy Ian beat it outside Sunday morning. I was talking to Lauri inside when the boys came back inside, sat down on the couch and announced that the chicken coup was on fire. They had big smiles on their faces and we moms were a little perplexed. So I passed the baby and headed out the door in my pjs and robe. The boys were casually walking in front of me so I asked them if they minded if I scooted by them (so I could run). So with bathrobe flying behind me I ran to the coup and the coup was indeed burning. It wasn't big flames but at some point there must have been some. The hood that held the heat lights had broken from the ceiling. I suspect the birds were getting too heavy to be jumping on it and it fell onto the wood chips below. At that point there must have been a fire and after lifting the hood off the ground we discovered a hole about 4 x 4 ft clear to the ground. This building is a movable building so there is no cement bottom. The edges of the hole were still smoldring.

Just then (read like an action comic book) who should appear but Tim, Lauri's dh, in his pj's and church shoes. He was also sporting some lovely bandages from an injury earlier in the week on his legs. His sons came to help too and we pulled the hood off and out with the help of some wire snippers I ran and got (superwoman robe flying again). The chickens and turkeys, by-the-way, were all standing around the edges staring at the hole. It was much like a scene from Chicken Run. I don't think any died or got roasted. At this point I went back up to house leaving Tim and sons to put out the fire and cover the hole.

My dh called later and asked how it was going and I said "oh, ok....." "What's the matter?" asks dh. "Not much, the chicken coup caught on fire" Dear husband replies "WHAT????!!!!!" and we were promptly cut off. I am sort of glad he wasn't here as between Tim, his sons, Nick and I we were cool as cucumbers as if it was totally normal to be putting out fires in our pjs before their Godchild's first communion. Charley isn't good at crisis and actually I think crisis is my forte. It is the little stuff like children picking their noses for the 100th time when asked not to that make me come unglued. Scenes from Chicken Run are really quite entertaining as long as the fire doesn't spread to the Wood Sanctuary otherwise known as the Wood Kiln. THat would be bad. Dh and kids will be home very soon so it will be interesting to see his reaction to the hole.

At any rate we all got to church early to boot and the service was incredibly awesome and Stefan cooperated and slept through most of it. Ah......that was so nice. I am thankful for God's providence in protecting us while we were sleeping, for young boys leaving hoses on and flooding the underneath side of the coup which I am sure helped lessen the fire, and for friends of friends just happening to stay the night while I was home alone. See, God does care about the little things y'all! He is SOOOO good to me.

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