Saturday, May 05, 2007

Deep conversation

Cindy and I went walking again. Today's topic was as usual deep and humorous at the same time. The other day she called me to see if she was having a normal reaction to a weird encounter. She had come out of the doctors office with her girls and was waiting for the parking lot shuttle when.....a man in a car started waving and smiling at her girls. So they put on their little smiles and waved. THen......the man kept waving and seemed to be getting annoyed that they weren't waving anymore. His wife got out of the car and asked Cindy if she would please just wave at him. SO......Cindy asked me if she was off her rocker or was that odd. I assured her that was a little unusual and that the wife really jumped out of the car so her dear husband would be satisfied by them waving thus leaving her alone.

So.....why does this sort of event make us think about how others are different. Who knows. Shouldn't we be able to just LET IT GO!!!!!!! Of course not. I did try not to giggle too much when she asked me about this incident. Of course that is a little weird and the mind can then wander to what that woman goes through driving around with her husband. "Ugh, he is waving at kids again. Honey, just let them cross the street, they already smiled and waved". Perhaps he had alzeimers on a more serious note so kept waving.

So.....again if someone says something odd to us why do we ruminate about it forever. "Gee Karin, the baby has a little rash, that is too bad." I really don't have to waste time thinking about those sort of comments. THere just wasn't anything else to say. Cindy was just asking at what point do we just stop worrying about such silly things and I guess the answer is probably.....never. I do think as we get older it is getting easier to just sort of laugh and think "that was cute".

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