Friday, May 04, 2007


I have had a GREAT time with friends lately. Conversations have been meaningful - very - and it has been good to spend time with all my buds lately. THat is ever so refreshing. Cindy and I are walking in the morning I think and then I think......LaRena and kids may come over to sulk and I will do my best to cheer them up. We can eat fresh eggs and bacon and just sulk. I will certainly miss having Zach around. One less tall boy toting candles, crucifixes and bibles around. Sigh. I will certainly miss seeing him tote Fredo around too. (Not meaning to make anyone cry - this is my blog - smile).

Another friend's son is 18 as well and in the process of figuring things out for the future. I am thinking he will be hanging around in the area at least for another year. He will probably be working somewhere so he and Erik won't be as free to go on a bike ride on a whim. Sigh.

I hope everyone will hold my hand when my turn comes.

THe Stefan update is he seemed to suck down his bananas with gusto today. Charley observed he wasn't using his high chair but said he didn't care if I hung him from the ceiling to get him to eat something if it worked. I think that meant......we spent money on that lovely, wondrous high chair and you are feeding him in your lap dear. What's up with that but I am glad it works.

Nothing more earthshattering happened this week that I can think of. Matthews bee split died with that cold snap so he will have to start over. Martin went to the firehouse and loved every minute of that. I mowed a lot of lawn and it is growing fast........grass, grass, and more grass. The mower is misbehaving and does not like to do what it is told to do. That translates to another honeydo. I guess that is easier for him than having to mow the massive amount of grass around here.

Time to hit the hay.


Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

Your first paragraph is cruel and unusual punishment for individuals who may already be emotional basket cases this week ;-)

Even if it is your blog, you shouldn't make people cry.

Nevertheless, your comments are very sweet and deeply appreciated. Thank you.

Karin said...

I'm glad and relieved you included a smile. I would never want to put you off the edge.......