Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Proud of my kids

From the top

Anna played her second service this evening and played the hymn this time (only one hymn can you immagine?). She said it was pretty hot up there and wondered where the pastors hid their water. Things went well and I think she is gaining confidence. She is not ready for 7 or 8 hymns....yet.

Erik is working hard on his math, reading etc and also catechesis seems to be going a little better - yay! Then another surprise happened last night. He came home from scouts and he had been elected Senior Patrol Leader - wow! I hope he can handle that but in a way it is a good thing as he realizes he must read up on what to do to be successful. He had the dad strut going on when he came up the driveway after the meeting. "Wow Erik, SPL!" he replies "yeh, thanks" very non-chalant, aloof. He proceeded to go work on something as if having his dream come true happened every day. He's growing up.....snif, snif....

Matthew.....uh, he is working hard at school as usual but I don't think he has anything new to report. Oh, he did give a pretty thorough report of the his art project so that was good.

Martin acolyted tonight and as far as I can tell did pretty well. I am not sure if he lit them in the right order or anything but he did get them lit, the church is still standing, and nothing else caught on fire - phew. He has been wanting to do this for a long time so I am proud of him and happy for him. He is also paying very close attention to his reading and daily catechesis so again I am amazed at this blosoming boy. (Ever read "Leo, the late bloomer?" that is Martin but he made it too).

Cecilia is reading!!!! What a relief. She is eating up a chapter book already so yes, I am proud of her (and her wonderful teacher, God bless her, LaRena). I think we will soon have another book addict on our hands.

Benjamin.....uh....ok I got it.....he is trying very hard to say the Lord's prayer and the Creed with us so yes, I am proud of him too.

Stefan.....slept till 7:30am this morning....ate a few bites too - yippee. I think he said Ma Ma tonight but it may just be the sound for the day.

That's all for this week in the Horner kid news


Favorite Apron said...

Karin - is Anna signed up for the organist workshop? We hope so - Liddy is so excited.

Sounds like everybody is managing to grow up fine and dandy in spite of you! : P

Karin said...

Yes she is Polly! She is looking forward to it and spending many hours with Liddy and Maggie.

Sloppy Classical said...

Wow, am I a ditz or what?! It didn't even register that your kids were "holding the service together" :-) Wed.! They did a smooth, professional job!
Churches with an organist retiring in the future better start sending their requests now!
Erik had to have his ego boost! That is so awesome! I guess he has the chance to be the "bigger man" now that HE has the "power" when a certain little "bully" gets out of line.
You have lots to be proud of! (In spite of the fact that you have a friend who ends sentences with prepositions!)