Friday, May 18, 2007

My husband likes to build with blocks

Charley gets teased a lot about wood but here is my latest insight. It came to me while I was mowing the lawn and looking at piles of wood. I will elaborate on other grown-ups another time but I think most of us are still kids. Of the grown ups I know, I know a lot of kids. So I spent time thinking about how each of my friends have obsessions that are sort of kid like. Charley's is building with blocks. His blocks have changed size since he was a boy. If my picture works, this is a picture of the house Charley built for his blocks. I guess it is sort of like a big steralite container but it is a BIG CONTAINER. The piles of wood are like my little boys piles of blocks etc that get scattered around the house. Charley's piles are just scattered around the yard. Just like a kid but his toys are a lot bigger! They require their own homes. WHile I mow the lawn it is like vacuuming the living room. I have to move my little boys blocks to make sure I don't clog up the vacuum cleaner but in the yard I find stray pieces here and there that cause really loud noises and sometimes I have to turn off the mower - just like the vacuum that sucks up an army guy. Interesting. So.......I also thought about how most of my friends who act kiddish are male. Isn't that cute. I won't elaborate at the moment but if I stop and think about it, it is true.
Oh, also my biggest boy (Charley) also likes to make big impressive buildings with his wood. Like a little boy with Lincoln Logs, he dreams about the next structure he can make. I see my little boys dreaming up little buildings to build with their blocks and then the biggest boy does the same. Does that mean when he spaces off he is dreaming up another building block design?
The picture did come through and it is filled with blocks before it was even done. It now has all the exterior walls and like a little boy, he shows all his friends his latest creation. He really is the cutest person I know. Our 20th anniversary is coming up so perhaps we should go to a lumber yard and take a picnic. I bet he hasn't thought of that idea! Or........we could go to a forest and have a picnic and he could dream of all the building blocks he could make out of the trees. He loves trees though so he would wait till they fall down.
Ok, so I suppose the women I know are like little girls and our dolls just bigger and don't sit quietly on a blanket waiting to be fed. Such deep thoughts.

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